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Glock 17 Baked In A Cake – Will It Survive?

Yo this is Mattv2099 and I present to you the Glock brand Glock cake This is a massive capacity assault cake. complete with a massive capacity glock brand glockazine (magazine) oh yeah lets dig in those aren’t candy bullets. those are the real thing (gold dot) oh my goodness. glock brand glock cakeazine let me…

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“Sugar Rush” – Inanimate Insanity [Ep. 7]

Last time on Inanimate Insanity… Knife shocked Marshmallow and she got mad and launched him with something she got from Walmart that came with a free cucumber she gave to Pickle as a new girlfriend. Taco, Pepper, Knife, and Marshmallow were up for elimination. Not Salt, like I said in the last recap. I’m sorry…

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Giant Peanut Butter Cup | Super Size Guys

Hi, alright folks I am back at James’s house, welcome! Thankyou for having us James, no problem when we’re at James house we make giant stuff like the giant macaron the last video yeah, things got a little bit weird thenmm none of a this sorry about that, also stuff at James house tends to…

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Giant Toffifee / Toffifay

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PÃO HOLANDÊS MEDIEVAL | Dutch Oven Bread (en sub) | TVegano #47

Hello guys, welcome do tvegano again. today… one more time we have a special recipe, but this is more than special What´s that baby? dutch oven bread! with a special guest Unicorn!! Is your name Unicorn? lets go to the ingredients lets go 1 tbps of salt, 4 cups o wheat flour, 2 cups of…

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