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I Declined My Dad’s Calls All Night. Turned Out He Was Dying

Hi! I’m Brianna. I’m 18 now, and the last two years of my life were a nightmare. At first, my dad made me so irritated, that I wanted him to die; then I almost caused his stroke and when my mom found about it, she kinda kicked me out of the house. Almost two years…

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Kids Meet Sugar Gliders, Chickens, and Guinea Pigs! | HiHo Petting Zoo | HiHo Kids

(chicken bawking) (children laughing) (child making chicken noises) – [Child] How are we supposed to see when we walk? – [Woman] I’m guiding you. – Aw, they are guinea pigs. – I think I like that one the best, and I like this one. – You like that one? – [Man] Hi guys. – Hi….

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Make It Pop | ‘Friday Night’ Official Music Video #2 | Nick

SUN HI: ♪ I can’t wait for the weekend ♪ JODI: ♪ Hanging out with my girlfriends ♪ CORKI: ♪ Doing things that we wanna do, yeah. ♪ SUN HI: ♪ Make-up on pick the right dress ♪ JODI: ♪ Do our hair like supermodels ♪ CORKI: ♪ Have some fun and just forget ’bout…

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Kids Try Wedding Food from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– [Interviewer] Have you ever been in love? – I mean, ah, there is this dog that I really love. We’re married. (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] Why do you think you might be dressed so fancy? – I’ve got no idea, honestly, actually. – [Interviewer] Have you ever been to a wedding? – Yeah, Mommy…

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Kids Try Cold Remedies From Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– [Interviewer] Just try the whole thing. Bite it and then you can spit it right out. – I don’t trust you when you say that. You could have just said nothing and I could’ve ate it. – One, two, three! – Oh! – No, just… (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] Do you get sick ever?…

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Baked eggplant parmesan. Easy to make.

2 eggplants ( 750 g ) peel them partially cut them into slices of about 5 mm put the slices in a strainer by sparkling salt above each of them if you watched till here, please don’t forget to subscribe and to turn on the notifications. Thank you! then put them aside ~ 30 min…

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Pan-fried Salmon in lemon, garlic & butter sauce. Easy to make.

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Delicious baked and stuffed potato skins. Easy to make.

1 kg potatoes ( 4 big pieces ) sting them with a fork put each of them on aluminium and baking foil add 1 thread of rosemary about 2 small threads of thyme 1 garlic clove cut in half sprinkle ~ 1 tsp olive oil add a pinch of dry oregano a pinch of salt…

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An Intervention for Beverly Goldberg – The Goldbergs

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Preparing For Baby Rabbits (Nesting Boxes) -The Farm Life

what’s up guys it’s Jason over here at Cog Hill Farm with the Cog Hill family, and today we’re gonna start preparing our rabbits because they’re fixing to have babies. So let’s get going (music)if I simply wanna trace you to feel your colors. So far the automatic watering system has worked really well.Let me…

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