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Bread – Fast Easy Homemade White Crunchy Bread Recipe Quick – Simple Bread Recipe

WELCOME TO BRITISH COOK [INTRO MUSIC] Hi! It’s British Cook. I’m about to show you how to make bread with a bread Maker. Not really!! I’m going to show you how to make this Delicious Crunchy Awesome Bread! I REALLY wish you could smell this! It is SO GOOD! BAKING?!? Baking Bread. Sounds pretty hard,…

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How To Make Decent Bread From Scratch

Ben: Have you ever wanted to learn to cook but just didn’t know where to start? Jamie: Well we’re the guys from SORTEDfood and we’ve teamed up with Co-op to create “Now Cook It.” Barry: A free online course to show you how to up your food game. Mike: So head over to Now Cook…

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