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Vertical Hydroponic DIY System uses a Single Nutrient for Amazing Results

This is John Kohler with Growing Your Greens.com with another exciting episode for you. We’re here on another field trip and this is going to be definitely a fun one at that. We’re here at D&D Family Farms. They have a Produce Market U-Pick and Petting Zoo. We are here in Palm City, Florida. It’s…

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Nutrients in Bread

Have you ever considered the linkage between fertile soils and nutritious food? In fact, there’s a strong linkage between the nutrients in the foods we consume and the nutrients that are applied to farmer’s fields in order to grow crops. Crop yields, crop quality are a function of having adequate nutrients to build those yield…

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Identify the Leaf Yellowing Pattern & Treat Nutrient Deficiency with the Best Fertilizer

Hello Friends! In today’s episode we will try to identify some common leaf patterns of discoloration and distortion in various micro and macro nutrient deficiencies and Finally One single universal solution or fertilizer to treat these problems. Coming up! Before we start displaying the various leaf patterns, you must understand some basics in order to…

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Soil Nutrients and Phosphorus: The Molecular View

[Light, electronic music fades in.] [Light, electronic music fades in.] Dr. Barbara Cade-Menun: My name is Dr. Barbara Cade-Menun… …and I am a nutrient cycling scientist… …based in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Well nutrient cycling is when… …nutrients are taken up by plants and then eventually… …returned back to the soil where they’re broken down again……

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Nutrients and Fertilizer

What I would do – I might as well start at the beginning, and I’ll give you basically a fertilizer primer. I tell you why it’s important, how the importance differs around the world because it’s not the same pattern and what we can do to make the efficiency of its use much better than…

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Organic Nutrients versus Conventional Nutrients

Recently there’s been a lot of confusion surfacing about conventional nutrients and organic nutrients. It makes sense perhaps to start our discussion – these are about the sources themselves – what are the differences between organic sources and fertilizer nutrient sources? Organic sources obviously appear different, don’t they? I mean think about animal manure versus…

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Jason Ralph-Smith from AutoPot talking about GHE Flora Series nutrients

my name’s Jason Ralph Smith on the Managing Director of Autobot global multiple was founded in 2001 on April the 4th 2001 I believe since then it’s grown from strength to strength and is now fast becoming hopefully a household name not only in the hydroponic industry but also in the mainstream market well GHI…

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Humates – Best Organic Fertilizer For “Chelating” Nutrients

Hey guys! It’s Phil from SmilingGardener.com and I’m talking about organic fertilizers today more specifically biostimulants and the last one I’m talking about is humates or humic and fulvic acids which are in – they’re already gonna be in your soil if you have a good organic matter or really a good humus content which…

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Nutrient Management in No-till Cropping Systems

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Q&A – Am I washing the nutrients out of my raised bed when I water?

“Am I washing out the nutrients when I water my raised bed?” This is from Dan in Horn Lake, Mississippi. So Stephan, I know you do a lot of work with raised beds for the Shelby County School System. What do you think about that question? Are you actually washing out the nutrients from your…

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