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Somuni lepinje recept / Flat Bread Recipe [Eng Subs]

Welcome to domacirecepti.net In this video we will present to you how to make somun for pljeskavica (burger) Let’s begin We will make a small measure with 2.5dl of water (one cup) 1/3 of fresh yeast (13g) and half tbsp of white sugar stir up put white flour in it a pinch of salt and…

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Nadia’s Disaster Proof Quick and Easy Flat Bread Recipe

[MARK] What are we doing? [NADIA] So we are going to make easy, easy peasy flat bread and the thing is about these is because they’re so easy you can just do them in front of people whilst you’re chatting and the people think you’re so clever [KAYE] God, that’s my idea of hell [NADIA]…

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Armenian Flatbread Matnakash Recipe – Մատնաքաշ – Heghineh Cooking Show

Matnakash , Armenian traditional flatbread that has specific shape, lines pulled with finger that’s where the name comes from, and tastes very-very delicious. I’ve been trying to get a recipe for this flatbread for a while and eventually made one up ,since I wasn’t able to find an original recipe. Even called to Armenia and…

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