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FoodStuff Gets Some Culture(d Butter)

99% of the butter that’s produced in the United States and Canada, let’s say North America, is sweet cream butter. The milk is separated and pasteurized and immediately churned into butter. We make a cultured butter. We take fresh cream, add a mix of bacteria over time, and then we, we churn. That’s how butter…

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Transform Balsamic into Spun Sugar

At the Institute of Culinary Education we like to push the boundaries. In this case, I’m using balsamic, a savory ingredient and pastry to add balance and aesthetic appeal to a plated dessert. Balsamic Vinegar of Modena in the form of spun sugar achieves a high-sheen gold effect — and it melts in your mouth….

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What’s the Difference Between Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup?

What’s the difference between high fructose corn syrup & sugar? Even though it seems like high fructose corn syrup is in every food and drink wrapped in plastic, you can’t find it for sale on the shelf. Since there is a bit of mystery about this stuff, let’s take a look at how different these…

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How To Make SUGAR CUBES At Home

Welcome to Inspire to Cook! Today, I am going to show you a super easy way to make sugar cubes. Sugar Cubes are actually a really cool food you can have Especially if you have a tea party or you like to drink coffee or tea But they are very expensive, I think they are…

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Thailand’s Biggest Food Show! THAIFEX 2017 – Hot Thai Kitchen

(lighthearted guitar music) – Sawaddee Ka, welcome to Hot Thai Kitchen. I’ve got such a special episode for you today. I am in Bangkok, Thailand, and the reason why I am here, because this is happening. So, this is THAIFEX, the biggest food trade show in all of Thailand and one of the biggest in…

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Why Can Applesauce Replace Butter? And Oil? And Eggs?

– Do you ever wanna indulge in some baked deliciousness without quite so many fats? Or maybe you wanna cut animal products out of your cooking. Well, some bakers use applesauce to replace the butter, oil, or eggs in their favorite cake recipe. But how can the carbohydrates in applesauce replace the fats or proteins…

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What’s up guys! Welcome to Inspire To Cook! Today, I am going to show you how to make super easy yet super delicious, fresh butter! Homemade butter! It’s going to be a cool project you can do at home with your kids …spouse, a friend, whatever… And it’s going to be so delicious, you can’t…

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Sourdough bread is a microbial mystery

– In the beginning, there was sourdough bread. It’s chewy, airy, wholesome. Humans have been baking it for thousands of years, and sourdough bread wouldn’t be possible without a mother dough, also called a sourdough starter. If you leave out water and flour for a while, eventually wild yeasts and bacteria will move in. We…

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Do Food Cravings Tell You What Nutrients You Need?

In this video I’ll be talking about food cravings. Most of us crave particular foods at one time or another. Did you know that chocolate really is the most often craved food? It’s true. But, what causes food cravings? Are they a dire warning from your body or are they simply you wanting the foods…

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How To Make Cotton Candy By Hand, Using an Ancient Chinese Method — You Can Do This!

– And that, ladies and gents, is 16,000 strands of hand-pulled cotton candy. (funky techno music) We’re gonna make cotton candy using the hand-pulled noodle technique, also known as Dragon’s Beard. Started in ancient China, and it’s just this pulling technique that they do with noodles, but you would do it with sugar. We got…

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