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Pastitsio (Greek Baked Pasta) | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

Hello Youtube! Welcome to Akis Kitchen! Today I’m very happy because I’m going to show you the best pasta dish you ever tried in your life! It is called pastitsio and it is very similar with moussaka, but instead of vegetables underneath the ground beef and the bechamel sauce, we will use pasta. It’s baked…

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Why Do We Love Sugar?

As much as we hate to admit it, we all know that too much sugar is bad for our health – yet we still consume a lot of it. So… why do we love sugar? Back in the 1970s, researchers gave a group of one hundred babies three harmless solutions with different tastes; sweet, sour…

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Hi guys, Today we’re making Cheater Butter Chicken. Vegan Of course. I’m calling this a Cheater recipe because we’re going to take a shortcut and use a packaged spice mix that is labelled use with chicken but we’re going to use it for our own nefarious plant-based purposes. And guys, this tastes so good, no…

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The Sugar-Free Taste Test Ft. Rosanna Pansino

– Can we tell if a food is sugary… – … or sugar-free? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Goooood Mythical Morning! – We are very happy to have special guest Rosanna Pansino from the show Nerdy Nummies. – Nerdy Nummies. – Host and creator of the most popular – baking show…

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How To Make Compound Butter by Leanne Ely from Saving Dinner

we’re making compound batter and confidante better issues making uh… using butter and fresh herb sandwiches have sliced argues that without rosemary and thyme in here and we use the little mezzaluna and chop chop chop chop there at some garlic in it to and just sometimes put your basic buyer it’s unsalted butter peace…

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Eine kleine Storytime: Honey Butter Chips 🍯 (w. ENG sub)

Hey guys welcome to a new video This video is almost life, I just decided to shoot it now … we have 5 pm almost, its so dark outside. And originally I wanted to shoot another storytime but The other story time is a bit more important (and demanding) so I decided to just make…

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Bestselling cookbook lists 7 foods for losing weight and gaining energy 여름맞이 뱃

Summer is just around the corner here in Korea, meaning sun, the beach and swimsuits…. and a rush to get into better shape. To give you a helping hand, our Connie Kim offers some tips from a bestselling cookbook that will help you eat well and slim down. Eating right can help you lose weight…

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The Homemade Vegan Pantry by Miyoko Schinner | Cookbook Review by Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hi guys, Today’s cookbook review is for The homemade Vegan Pantry by vegan chef Miyoko Schinner. She’s a superstar in the vegan culinary world and lauched her own cheese company in 2014 which has been getting amazing reviews. If you’re a regular viewer, you know I’m a raving fan of Miyoko and if I ever…

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VEGAN BUTTER CHIK’UN | RECIPE?! EP #5 (hot for food)

[lauren] oh my god, can we just begin already? [lauren] what’s going on, it’s lauren from hot for food [lauren] and today i’ve decided to turn on the camera [lauren] and do another [lauren] RECIPE?! video. [lauren] so we’re just gonna start from scratch, [lauren] come up with an idea, [lauren] and make it and…

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Magnus Nilsson: “The Nordic Cookbook” | Food at Google

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