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Eggslut – O Sanduíche de Ovo Mais Famoso do Mundo

Hello friends of the Ogros S/A channel. Welcome, everyone. I am Baco. Today I am here to make an Eggslut. But what is this? Eggslut is a scrambled egg sandwich made famous worldwide. This recipe is a great example of how simple ingredients get cooked the right way. They get an amazing dish. You have…

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Is the Philips Pasta Maker the Best Home Pasta Extruder? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– I’m thrilled to be joined by a very special guest, the Phillips pasta maker! So, this Phillips pasta maker is basically your all-in-one noodle maker that mixes, kneads, extrudes your dough. So basically, you can make a whole bunch of different pasta and noodles in just a few minutes. Alright, to get straight in,…

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Do You Need a Toaster Just for Grilled Cheese? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– These baskets are like (beep) annoying. Today we’re testing the Grilled Cheese Toaster. Why on earth would I need a toaster that’s just for grilled cheese and that’s bright yellow? It’s supposed to make you grilled cheese within minutes. Obviously when you’re making grilled cheese in a pan you can control the heat a…

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How to Make Keto Shortbread Cookies | Easy Keto Shortbread Cookie Recipe (low carb sugar free)

hello and welcome back to in the kitchen with Matt I am your host Matt Taylor today I am in my brother’s kitchen this is my brother Jared Taylor he has a YouTube channel called live truth with JT it’s all about personal development he’s a life coach so if you’re curious down below I’ll…

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Donut Pizza: Pizza or Pastry? || Really Dough?

– It’s pizza, but a donut. – You all right? – Your jaw is on the floor. – I’m Scott, and I eat all kinds of pizza. – I’m Mark, and I’m a pizza purist. – So we’re hitting the road to taste the craziest concoctions claiming to be pizza. – But are they really,…

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Do You Need the Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

Welcome back to Kitchen Gadgets. I’m here with the Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream maker that retails at $68.99 I’m super excited for this because as soon as I laid eyes on it I was like, “I kind of want that!” Right off the bat you see you have a lever that dispenses your soft…

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Recipe of the Day: Giada’s Italian Baked Chicken and Pastina | Food Network

[theme music] Pastina may be the most kid-friendly pasta, because it’s small and comes in fun shapes. I’m going to mix it with sauteed chicken and vegetables, then bake it with a cheesy Parmesan crust on top. The kids will love baked chicken and pastina and so will you. While Charlie and Lucy play outside,…

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How a Duo of Master Sushi Chefs Run New York’s Most Exciting Omakase — Omakase

– [Man] The omakase, in a word, it means chef’s choice. It’s not only just the sushi. Welcome to Shuko. Coming from Masa and then opening our own restaurant, there’s definitely pressure, not just from the customers or the world but just from self. The influence that I got from Masa is sort of constant….

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Mojito French Toast Recipe B(R)OIL LA – Episode 3

I don’t know about you but the next day after a night of drinking I crave only two things: something super sweet and something loaded with carbs. In other words, brunch! And to me brunch means only one thing- french toast, my absolute favorite breakfast food but the number one complaint I have and that…

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How To Make Cotton Candy By Hand, Using an Ancient Chinese Method — You Can Do This!

– And that, ladies and gents, is 16,000 strands of hand-pulled cotton candy. (funky techno music) We’re gonna make cotton candy using the hand-pulled noodle technique, also known as Dragon’s Beard. Started in ancient China, and it’s just this pulling technique that they do with noodles, but you would do it with sugar. We got…

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