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E37 How to make sugar-coated fruit desserts at office? | Ms Yeah

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Football Party Snack Hacks

Whoa, what if the dip was inside the chip? Let’s talk about that.( music playing )Good mythical morning! Happy Groundhog Day! And speaking of hogs on the ground, the big game is this Sunday! Now, we’re not allowed to actually say the name of the game for legal reasons, but let’s just call it the…

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Heath Hocking’s Bread and Butter | RMIT University

[Announcer] Clever slap wide, Chris… well, he got there first, just pushed off the ball too easily then. Merrett, Hocking, brilliant! 2015 I was injured for a bit of the year, so I started working La Luna Bistro with Adrian Richardson. Just, yeah, doing a bit of cheffing sort of stuff. Obviously, it’s nice to…

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Camembert Moat Bread


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Panasonic Continues Commitment to Nurture Indonesian Football Athletes and Enthusiasts

Today on the 24th of January, Panasonic sponsored for the first time the ‘Panasonic Cup 2015,’ hosting its football team GAMBA Osaka’s first overseas friendship match against Indonesian team Persija Jakarta. As the first official game since the J-league and Indonesia Super League announced their collaboration, the game emphasized on the fairness of football and…

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Panasonic Kicks Off Football Clinic to Nurture the Next Generation #GAMBAOsaka #Panasonic

Football is arguably one of the most popular sports in Southeast Asia. Here in Myanmar, Panasonic aims to build stronger relationships with the younger generation and to support the development of local talents, by hosting its first football clinic for students and coaches. Together with support from the Myanmar Football Association and GAMBA Osaka, the…

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