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UN VRAI LOBSTER BAKE DU MAINE 🐚 La petite bette Travel vlog

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La pĂąte feuilletĂ©e (Tout ce qu’il faut savoir !)

translation in the description #INTRODUCTION With the help of 2 cooking sheets of 30*40 and 30*80 cm…. make a template of 20*36 cm and… and a 15*18 cm template. Sift 150g of T45 flour. Cut into small cubes 375g of soft butter. Add them to the flour. Then, using the flat beater, mix… until you…

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Hello everyone ! Here we are for a new video! Today, we will test a tart that comes from Bake Cheese Tart. This is a store that is in the halls of Teramachi in Kyoto. This is a store that every time we passed by before, there is always a lot of people. There are…

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Ecom’s Monthly French Videocast – April – April Fools / French Bread and Desserts

Hi! Welcome to the monthly Ecom videocast. Now is April. How are you doing? In France during the month of April, people enjoy going to small cafes and having a drink with their friends, do a little people-watching. The weather starts to get nice, so people like to relax. There’s a big tradition in France….

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L’alimentation de BĂ©bĂ© | Histoire en Français | Steve and Maggie Français

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Compilation vidĂ©os pour enfants – Mini TFO prĂ©sente l’ALIMENTATION

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Apprendre les aliments en Français – VidĂ©os pour enfants Mini ABC

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