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Rainbow Cake that actually bakes in rainbow layers!!

Welcome to HOW TO COOK THAT I am ANN REARDON Today we are making a rainbow steam cake. You’ll be surprised how simple this is to make. For the cake you will need flour, water, oil, eggs separated into the yolks and the whites. Cream of tartar, sugar, baking powder, salt and gelatin. We are…

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How To Make Baked Donuts Recipe Filled With Jam

– [Natasha] Hi everyone, it’s Natasha of natashaskitchen.com and today, we are making baked, jam-filled donuts. These are so soft, airy, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious and this recipe is so easy. In a large mixing bowl, combine one cup of flour, a quarter cup of sugar, two-and-a-quarter teaspoons or one packet of instant yeast, and one-fourth…

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Secret of How To Make Delicious Mango Cheesecakes ( No Bake ) | 😱🤩🥭| CookCity

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Sugar Cookies Recipe from scratch – No Baking Powder – Recipes by Warren Nash

Hey guys, it’s Warren here. And here’s a little sweet treat for you and it’s for my sugar cookies recipe. And this is enough to make 24 sugar cookies – WOWZA! To begin with, take a large mixing bowl and pour in 200g of cubed butter followed by 200g of caster sugar. Using either and…

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Italian Butter Cookie Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 758

Hi Guys, I’m Laura Vitale, and on this episode of Laura in the kitchen I want to share with you a classic – it’s an Italian butter cookie. But I feel like it’s a little different than your standard sort of sugar cookie. It’s just divine. It has a couple of – I don’t want…

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Make Perfectly Pipeable Butter Cream Frosting – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Perfect Butter Cream Frosting Tutorial. Tonight we’ll be showing you how to make the perfect consistency and taste of butter cream frosting, perfectly pipeable for all your cupcakes and cakes. Some tools and equipment that we will be using tonight: We have a standard mixer. This is not a…

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Homemade Canadian Bacon – Keto Friendly – Low Carb – No Sugar – Save Money!

hey there it’s Steve from SeriousKeto.com and today we are making some Canadian bacon we’re really big fans of Eggs Benedict in this household and one of the key ingredients obviously to that is Canadian bacon but Canadian bacon is not cheap go to the grocery store and find one of those little packs that’s…

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Hey guys, it’s Rey. Hehe, Just kidding. It’s Ro. Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies. Today I am dressed as Rey because we are gonna be making something Star Wars themed. I got so many requests from you guys to make something Star Wars themed and when I was watching Force Awakens for the first time…

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The ULTIMATE Pizza Crust Recipe

hey everyone its Dorothy with crazy for crust dot com and welcome to my kitchen today I’m going to talk to you all about pizza crusts pizzas one of our favorite meals and I absolutely making my own homemade press so I’m going to show you all my tips and tricks today with my ultimate…

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How To Make Homemade Rye Bread Recipe From Scratch With Baking Powder 🍞

And of course, today, I’m going to make rye bread. Hi Scandi friends. My name is Karen Grete. Welcome to Scandinavian Today, where we like to make and bake our traditional Scandinavian food. Today, I’m going to make rye bread. And here I have a bowl full of rye flour. And of course, we eat…

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