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Nutrient Film Technique NFT Aquaponics

JONATHAN: Hello. This is Jonathan from Melbourne Aquaponics. Today, we are with Celine, from Vietnam. Celine is French as well but we’re going to make this video in English just so you can understand what we say. So they got an amazing aquaponics system here. We have an NFT system nutrient film technique and what…

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Hydro Fuel Bloom A&B – A Green Planet Nutrients Product Overview

Hydro Fuel Bloom A&B is used in conjunction for the bloom stage of the plants life. It is important to add the two formulas separately and mix the first before adding the second. In week one put in 12ml of Hydro Fuel Bloom A per gallon of water. Mix well then add 12ml of Hydro…

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Q&A – What is a good calcium nutrient for blossom end rot on watermelons?

– “My soil is calcium-deficient and I have blossom end rot. “What is a good calcium nutrient to give my watermelons to prevent blossom end rot?” And this is from DesertDigger1, via Youtube. I like that. So, Booker, what do you think about that? What’s a good calcium nutrient to give our watermelons to prevent…

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Terpinator Nutrient

Hi, this is Andrew here representing the Terpinator at Pacific Northwest Garden Supply Vendor Day 2014, here to tell you about the Terpinator. A brand-new product, been on the market for less than a year now, 100 percent organic, which is fantastic. It�s going to work for the hydro grower. It�s going to work for…

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Medi One by Green Planet Nutrients

Hi, guys! It’s Justin from Green Planet. Thanks for checking out Green Planet’s Medi One. This stuff is incredible. It’s a grow fertilizer and bloom fertilizer all-in-one bottle, with all of your growth stimulants and bloom enhancers to boot. Therefore, you’re getting great value, anywhere from 10 mL to 30 mL per gallon. All you…

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When to Fertilize Fruit Trees |Jim Kamas |Central Texas Gardener

– A question I get every fall is should I fertilize my fruit trees now and if so, what ratio fertilizer? Again, it’s probably not a good idea to fertilize fruit trees this time of year, especially with nitrogen. Nitrogen and fall rains can trigger a new flush of vegetative growth that can leave the…

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Hydroponics Basics – Family Plot

– All right Stephan, let’s talk a little bit about hydroponics. – Well I appreciate you having me on the show. – Sure, sure. – Hydroponics is really kind of a new term that’s kinda come up. But it’s a old technology that’s existed for actually centuries. But it’s basically growing fruits and vegetables in…

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Q&A – Am I washing the nutrients out of my raised bed when I water?

“Am I washing out the nutrients when I water my raised bed?” This is from Dan in Horn Lake, Mississippi. So Stephan, I know you do a lot of work with raised beds for the Shelby County School System. What do you think about that question? Are you actually washing out the nutrients from your…

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ROOT BUILDER – A Green Planet Nutrient Product Overview

Green Planet’s Root Builder is used in the grow and bloom stage of your plant. Simply add to your reservoir at 20ml per gallon at all applicable stages. For soil application we recommend alternating between feeding and watering and for hydro applications use during every feeding.

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What NPK Means and Other Plant Nutrient Tips

Hi I’m Tricia, an organic gardener. I grow organically for a healthy and safe food supply, for a clean and sustainable environment, for an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Most gardeners compare NPK numbers diligently to make sure that their plants get the right nutrients but that’s only half the story, plants need at least sixteen…

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