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WINTER WINDOW BOXES – Jane Beedle’s top tips for a stylish winter display

Hi there, it’s Alexandra from the Middle- sized Garden YouTube channel and blog and today I’m tagging along with garden designer Jane Beedle (@janebbakes) to find out how she does her winter window boxes. Jane was a Great British Bake Off finalist and all that creativity that she used creating cakes during the series also…

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Winter Rose Care | Winter Pruning| Roses As A Food Crop

Hello, it’s time for me to do my winter care for the roses. Yum! I’m Liz Zorab and this is Byther Farm. I’ve got lots of roses planted right across our homestead because, not only do I love the flowers, but they’re also a really useful crop. The petals can be used for potpourri and…

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Unboxing the Aerogarden Ultra (LED)

Make sure the cord at the back of the reservoir is seated in the little channel. Or the top will not sit flat.

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Dementia-friendly cookery & gardening groups

I have good days and bad days, but this is a good day. And it’s lovely here. My name is Caroline Whiteman and I’m a community gardener and cookery leader for the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership. Today we’re at the Garden House, in Brighton, and we are running our dementia-friendly gardening group. So myself…

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Edible Flowers in Plant-Based Cookbook

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River Cottage Cookery School Vlog

Hi guys, this week I had a lovely day at River Cottage. On arrival we were led into this yurt which was lovely and cosy and then we were fed delicious canapés. And the kitchen team were already in the kitchen. They were getting ready for lunch because they made us a lovely meal later…

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Vertical Hydroponic DIY System uses a Single Nutrient for Amazing Results

This is John Kohler with Growing Your Greens.com with another exciting episode for you. We’re here on another field trip and this is going to be definitely a fun one at that. We’re here at D&D Family Farms. They have a Produce Market U-Pick and Petting Zoo. We are here in Palm City, Florida. It’s…

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Bud Booster- A Green Planet Nutrients Product Overview

When your flowers first appear use bud booster and continue with every feeding until flush.

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Myco Fusion Rhizo Charge 2.0 Nutrients

All right, I got Rhizo Charge here, a high-performance mycorrhiza food from Myco Fusion. This is a food that you’d like to use with the Green 150. After dusting those roots, you want to give it some food. This is going to have to help with more aggressive colonization of your Green 150 or your…

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Hydrofuel Grow and Bloom A&B – Green Planet Nutrients 2-Part Base Formula

So here, we have the two fuels. There is Grow A and Grow B. Yeah. What is the difference between these two? There is actually no difference. It actually is a two-part nutrient. Okay. You actually mix the two together. You actually mix up the A, put it in a reservoir, mix it up, and…

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