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Giant Peanut Butter Kit Kat Chunky | Super Size Guys

Hi alright guys I am back at James house welcome hi james you alright we are doing a giant food for you guys today what are we making mate? That is a kit kat chunky you might not have them in your country but they are basically super size kit kat fingers that is the…

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– Why are you sat on Buster? Let him be, mate. Let him be. Hello, everyone. It’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today is a very special video, just ’cause I’m gonna do what I want. My video today. In fact, most videos are mine. I just let…

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Emergency Super Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

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Giant Crunchie | Super Size Guys

– Hi! – Hi! Alright guys, I’m back at Jimminy James’ (singing) house! – Hello. – Today we are doing a giant Crunchie. – A Crunchie, mm. – Now some of you don’t know what a Crunchie is. How can you describe it, Jimmy? – A Crunchie is a honeycomb bar covered in chocolate. –…

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I made soft baked pretzels!

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Bone Marrow Waffles & Pig Head Donuts for Brunch || Fork Yeah

– Personally, I think people make too big a deal out of brunch. Eggs Benedict, bottomless mimosas — they’ve just never done anything for me. But when I heard about this place just outside of New York City offering indulgent brunch items like bone marrow waffles. Let’s just say I’m ready to become a brunch…

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Lo Makes A GIANT Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup 😱 | Delish | Whoa, Lo

– Hey, this is “Whoa, Lo” where I supersize food, and today I’m making a giant Reese’s. – Does McDonald’s have a copyright on the word supersize? (upbeat music) – There’s something a little bit grainy… About the filling. I think the filling is gonna be the trickiest part of today’s challenge. First things first,…

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Giant Peanut Butter Cup | Super Size Guys

Hi, alright folks I am back at James’s house, welcome! Thankyou for having us James, no problem when we’re at James house we make giant stuff like the giant macaron the last video yeah, things got a little bit weird thenmm none of a this sorry about that, also stuff at James house tends to…

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Giant Toffifee / Toffifay

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How To Make A Giant Peanut Butter Cup With Alix • Tasty

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