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KITCHEN GADGET TESTING #27 – Top 5 (so far)

– Hey everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope that you are well. First thing, I don’t know how long the pugs are gonna sit up there. But they seem pretty cosy. I might keep them there. That might be their bed place. I can use their pallets as stairs. Anyhow,…

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– Hello folks, (laughs) I don’t know what that was, I’m sorry, hey, how you doin’? It’s Barry here, welcome to My Virgin Kitchen, I hope you are well. Today we are testing some more kitchen gadgets. As you know this is part of a massive playlist which you can check out throughout the video…

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Ladies and gentleman of the worldwide internet, I am slightly hyper today, haha. Hes taken some cold flu capsule tablet things and hes a bit drugged up. Yeah Im a bit ill Ive got flu so Ive whooooo every now and then Im buzzing, Im like dancing around so im really sorry. If you saw…

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Well hello folks welcome to my virgin kitchen it�s Barry here I hope you are well today we are testing some more kitchen gadget videos this is number eleven I think if you�ve missed any of the other videos there�s an amazing playlist you�re going to need some popcorn it�s quite long there�s a link…

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Homemade Sugar Scrub 5 ways ~ Gift In A Jar ~ How To Make Hand Scrub ~ Gift Ideas ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

Hi everyone welcome back to my kitchen and today We’re gonna do another gift in a jar, but it’s a little bit different this time today We’re going to be making some sugar scrubs that are going to be fragranced with essential oil and some extracts from our kitchen cupboard these are great gifts to…

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DIY: Body Butter for Dry Skin w/ HeyFranHey

What’s up, beautiful people? It is your homegirl, Shameless, all up in your building! And I have a special guest! The beautiful, the wonderful, HeyFranHey! FRAN: Hi, beautiful ones! MAYA: For those of you that don’t know who she is, this beautiful woman has a popular blog and a youTube channel. Check it out, link…

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DIY Deep Moisturizing Whipped Body Butter Crème {EASY} by ANNEORSHINE

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DIY Lip Butter Balm – Natural homemade Gift Ideas

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The Spherificator – turn anything into edible pearls!?

– Ah, what the heck am I doing? (majestic music) I am feeling better. Wow! I’m feeling better. Hello, guys. Welcome to the last video of the year. This is the Spherificator. This makes all of your edible pearl dreams come true. So on the last video, I kinda teased the idea that I wanted,…

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