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Feeding a Giraffe

Pourquoi est-il excité? Alors aujourd’hui nous sommes à Everland, un des plus grands parcs d’attraction en Corée et nous sommes ici pour aller au zoo et Joon va voir une vrai girafe, un tigre et lion. Mais il s’est endormi dans la voiture alors il est toujours un peu fatigué et endormi. Quel animal veux…

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Today from the past we are showing you how to make some gorgeous homemade tiger bread you are going to love it. That is not going to work is it, she said shall I stand on a step, stand off the step completely look at that hang on there is a second tier I like…

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The Try Guys Try Not To Laugh Challenge

– Welcome back to another episode of, – Try Guys Game Time! – Today, we are doing the try not to laugh challenge! – And there are three rounds. – We’re gonna watch some videos. – Dad jokes, head to head. – We are going to have a lightning round where we try to make…

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