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Awesome Sugar Life Hacks You Should Know

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Why Does Sugar Make My Teeth Hurt?

♩ Sugar is supposed to be one of the best things in life. But you might have bitten into something really sweet only to have it betray you. Instead of sugary deliciousness, you got immediate, sharp, eye-watering pain. Sure, eating lots of sugary food can cause cavities that don’t feel great, but that wasn’t some…

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Twice Baked Potatoes – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 485

Hi guys, I’m Laura vitale [on] this episode of Laura in the kitchen I’m going to show [you] how to make a twice baked potato [I] love these and they’re great [for] side dish for thanksgiving or any holidays my [dummy] that might be coming up Or just a society in general because of that…

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How to Make Sugar Cane Juice

JOHN KOHLER: Alright this John Kohler with Okraw.com. Today we have another exciting episode and what we’re going to do today is talk about one of my all-time favorite beverages. No, for those of you that are longtime viewers it’s not coconut water, which is one of my top favorite, long-term favorite beverages, but this…

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Why Can’t I Eat Peanut Butter?

[intro] Squeaks and I were just talking about our favorite foods! Some of my favorite foods are pizza and blueberries … and Squeaks really likes french toast! There are lots of different kinds of foods, some of which you might like, and some that you might not And that’s okay! Not everyone has to eat…

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Where Does Sugar Come From? | Science for Kids

Do you like to eat a sweet treat every now and then? I know I do, and lot of us enjoy a cookie or a piece of candy when it’s time for a special goodie. And what’s a birthday without a cake? But as much as we might like special snacks like these, we know…

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Perfect Baked Potato – How to Make the Perfect Baked Potato

Perfect Baked Potato – How to make the perfect baked potato Hello and welcome back to in the kitchen with Matt; I am your host Matt Taylor. Today I will show you how to make the perfect baked potato. Mmm, this baked potato is really easy to make, it has a nice outer shell when…

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Which is Worse For You: Sugar or Fat?

[♪ INTRO] We’ve all heard for decades about how terrible fat is for us, especially saturated fat. In the 1970s and 80s, everyone was explicitly told to cut down on foods like butter, cheese, and beef, to avoid heart attacks and strokes. But now, apparently, they’re ok? Or good for you? Or… something? And it’s…

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Baked Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe (8.13.12 – Day 1) Unfried, Low Fat, Vegan, Healthy

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Let’s Make Butter! – #sciencegoals

There’s nothing Squeaks and I like more than a big pancake breakfast! Squeaks likes his with lots of strawberries and whipped cream, and I love mine with tons of maple syrup, but there’s one tasty topping we both can’t get enough of: homemade butter! Here’s our recipe, with a dash of science, so you can…

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