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Lush How It’s Made: Cocoa Sugar Scrub

(upbeat music) – Hi I’m Scout and today we’ll be making Cocoa Sugar Scrub. Taylor’s gonna be compounding it. Let’s hop to it and see how this bunny is made. Oh how do bunnies hop? They don’t, their feet aren’t up here. We start by whisking together sugar, color, and sodium bicarb to make a…

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Instant HAIR REMOVAL Hacks – No Wax, No Strips | DIY Homemade Sugar Wax | Anaysa

oho I am getting late as always Payal will get angry on me.. oho so many hair like a jungle what should I do now?? oho this too got empty now think all the parlour get closed late night have you wondered!! that what I’ve done this and how so for this you need to…

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How To Deal with Grainy Shea Butter {Simple Secrets}

Dealing with Grainy Shea Butter Shea Butter is commonly used in lotions & lip care products. If Shea Butter cools slowly, it can become unpleasantly grainy. Here are two secrets to help! The first secret is to rapidly cool the product. Here’s how… Melt your Shea Butter. Then, use the melted Shea Butter in your…

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Pasta Grannies share Rina’s recipe for orecchioni with butter & sage

Rina uses 300 grams of zero zero flour and three eggs she beats the eggs into the flour to make the dough which she needs for ten minutes then she covers it and leaves it to rest for the filling Rena uses a local cheese called romagnolo it’s like a firm cream cheese she also…

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BUILT – EP2 Breadwinner Cycles

You get on a bike and you, you immediately have a feeling of freedom that you you don’t get and that I don’t get any other way. It’s part of my freedom from early on and and I still feel that way it still blows me away that you can ride a bicycle under your…

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How to Make Homemade Pasta with Chickpea Flour (Garbanzo Bean Flour)

One of the most fun things about making fresh pasta is that you can play with different kinds of flours. Today, we’re going to use chickpea flour, which gives us a pasta that’s delicate in texture, with little chickpea-ish nutty flavors that I find absolutely irresistible. Chickpea flour has no gluten. And even though we’re…

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How to Make Bread from Scratch- NO BREADMAKER NEEDED

(Intro music.) Hey, it’s Vanessa from CraftyGemini.com. Today I’m going to teach you how to make bread. Yes! You don’t need any fancy machines or breadmakers or anything like that. All you need is what you see on the table right here. So let me walk you through everything. Here you need a bowl, obviously….

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