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10 implicit signs of high blood sugar!

For everyone, the blood sugar concentration changes several times during the day, for example, it increases after eating, but then returns to its usual norm. This is natural. However, for people after 35-40 years of age, such fluctuations can happen more often and for other reasons. This may precede the development of diabetes. Watch this…

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Fast Fat Burning Meals Cookbook | Healthy recipes | Healthy tips

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If You Have Hiccups, Stick Your Tongue Out Hard!

Hiccups – ugh, so annoying, right? There’s nothing more aggravating than getting repeatedly interrupted by yourself in the middle of a conversation. And they’re hard to hide, and never seem to go away – just super awkward and uncomfortable in any social situation! Is there anything we can do besides just wait for the hiccups…

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Valerie Bertinelli And Her Life Coach Offer Tips To Curb Emotional Eating | TODAY

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10 Signs You’re Eating TOO MUCH Sugar!

10 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar #10. “Strong Cravings”- If you have a constant craving for foods that are loaded with carbohydrates or find yourself constant trying to satisfy your sweet tooth, you probably have already had too much sugar. This is due to the fact that sugar, though necessary for the human body…

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Why is too much sugar bad for you? – Ask Coley – Health Tips for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi

Why Is Too Much Sugar Bad For You? Bumbley – Eeeeee..is it true?. Why did this happen? Coley – Yes it’s true. Because soft drinks contain higher sugar.. which cause the tooth to decay. Bumbley – I thought sugar was a source of energy? Why do I feel so weak even after eating so many…

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Here’s How The Food Industry Got You Addicted To Sugar | Eric Edmeades

What do you think would happen if a species evolved a powerful, undeniable craving for an incredibly nutritious and seasonally available food, and then a company figured out how to duplicate that food, make something that tasted extremely similar, only turned out to be extremely toxic to that species? Sugar is in everything, I mean…

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Why Does the Flu Come Back Every Year?

‘The flu’ has become a slang term that refers to almost any ailment where you juuuust don’t feel quite right. But influenza proper is a handful of specific viruses that invade the respiratory lining, evade the immune system, and mutate at a rate that even the world’s most brilliant doctors, scientists, and health organizations struggle…

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Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe Easy|Healthy|Tasty

Peanut Butter is one of the healthiest sources of fat. But what about the peanut butter sold in the market? Is it healthy? I don’t think so. Most of the peanut butter sold in the market contains hydrogenated oils. Now, what are hydrogenated oils? Any naturally healthy oil like the palm oil or coconut oil…

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8 Signs Of Nutrient Deficiencies That Should Not Be Ignored

eight signs of nutrient deficiencies that should not be ignored there are a number of general symptoms those experiencing nutritional deficiencies may see including fatigue weakness lightheadedness and constipation this video is about some of the symptoms of nutrient deficiencies but you want to know one symptom of secretly being a genius subscribing to our…

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