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Does Sugar Lead to Weight Gain?

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The Effects of Natural Sugar vs. Refined Sugar in the Body

I want to know if consuming lots of natural sugars in fruit and natural sweetener like honey and maple syrup has the same effect as refined sugar on the body. So, I have to answer this in two parts. Just to be honest, things like maple syrup and honey, they do act very similar to…

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How some companies are hiding sugar in your food

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Sugar…it’s not so sweet | Calgary Avansino | TEDxMoorgate

Translator: Riaki Poništ Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs So about two weeks ago, I was speaking at a school in California about sugar. And after I was done, a little six-year-old boy, adorable little boy, came up to me and said, “But I don’t have to worry about that because I don’t eat a lot of sugar.”…

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Change4Life Sugar Boy

Over a year, us kids eat and drink a whopping 5,543 sugar cubes that’s 22 bags of sugar! That’s more than a kid like me weighs! And I’m 5 Sugar is lurking in our everyday food and drinks. Just one can of Cola contains 9 whole sugar cubes Yuck! because we eat and drink too…

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Why Sugar Kills

so thanks for joining we are at at the office and Wellness For Life chiropractic in Cumming Georgia where we do a holistic practice we help people restore their health by addressing the chemical the structural and the emotional and today we’re going to talk about the the nutritional chemical aspect and specifically about sugar…

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CONTOUR® NEXT ONE – Blood Sugar Testing

CONTOUR® NEXT ONE Blood Glucose Monitoring System This video will show you how to test your blood glucose for the first time with the CONTOUR® NEXT ONE smart meter. The CONTOUR® NEXT ONE meter has been shown to provide highly accurate blood glucose results. Initial CONTOUR® NEXT ONE meter setup Before you test, this meter…

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Honey Bee and Wasp Sugar Water Preferences Open Feeding What Bees Use First

okay so today is Friday the 13th in October and what we have is an abundance of foraging bees and wasps in the air and the resources are low so competition is high now what a lot of beekeepers do is they open feed and they open feed a variety of different materials the most…

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What Does Sugar Actually Do To Your Body?

it’s interesting when we design our studies we provide diets that are high in starch and then we take away that starch and replaced it with sugar why do we even see such unfavorable effects when we replace pasta or bread with a fructose sweetened beverage or let’s even say high fructose corn syrup sweetened…

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Sugar Substitutes Review (Best Sweeteners For Health)

Hello and welcome to shopping with Dr. Ekberg we’re just going to talk a little bit about sweeteners we have heard a lot about high fructose corn syrup versus sugar versus agave and brown rice syrup and all that stuff well there’s not that much difference between them except high fructose corn syrup is the…

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