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Londoner #222 Steve is a baker at famous Brick Lane Beigel Bake

It’s open all weekend. Like, people working all weekend, but weekdays, like, we make for today for tomorrow. The owner, I must’ve known him for, before I work here maybe 25 years. I lived all my life here, I was born in, I was born in a house ’round the corner. Boil the beigel and…

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If Blood Sugar Could Talk pt.2 [Type 1 Diabetes]

What do we have here? Man it smells good in here. You been eatin? No no no no I was um.. I was cleaning. You sure? Oh yeah yeah yeah. For sure. I always tell you. Oh cause you wouldn’t lie to me we’re so close. We don’t do that to each other. Hey you…

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Como assar queijo na churrasqueira @Manual do Churrasqueiro

hi guys, all right, welcome to the barbecue manual here your barbecue channel I’m thiago botelho and in today’s video we’re going to do here which is the request of some followers is to show how to make the cheese roasted the mozzarella cheese on the skewer then we chose the cheese and we will…

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Sugar Bowl is for Lovers!

(cheerful music) – I’m Alyson. – And I’m Gaylen. – And we’ve been skiing up here for about five years now at Sugar Bowl, and we love skiing here, we love the short lift lines, and the great tree skiing, and some steep terrain, and we love it so much that we decided to get…

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David-The man behind cooking with Frenchy

hello everybody Frenchy here my name is David I’m here to bring you my best recipe in my best cooking tips that I came across along my journey cooking all over the world, on cruise ship, in France, in England and different many other countries such as Australia where I live now. So, please subscribe…

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Mock Bake Sale Rally for BBH | Strike BBH

What is wrong with BBH? Well, they earn millions of dollars, why can’t they pay actors a living wage? We have had a relationship with poor, poor BBH for nearly 20 years. So, we’re here to help them raise some funds. All kidding aside, we all know that this is actually serious business. SAG-AFTRA and…

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3D Tutorial | Easiest way to bake light in UE4 (Unreal Engine 4) | Lightmass best settings

Getting to the topic of lighting. And we will bake our light with the help of a plugin… this feature is not yet built into Unreal, though developers promise to add it, so we are keeping a keen eye on further developments. Now we just need to type in the search “GPU, Unreal” And here…

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Janai tries EASY BAKE OVEN, makes her first CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE! | Janai’s World

So what do you have right there? -A fork. Ok, what’s this? – Water. It’s water and the measuring cup. This is the bowl to put everything in. And we have ‘Easy Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix’ right here. And then we have a spatula. Then we have a pan right here. Then we have…

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The Finger Family Song | ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Songs For Children

Daddy Finger Where are you Here I am .Here I am. Daddy finger Whats your name Thumb Iam Thumb I am Call me thumb Mommy Finger Mommy Finger where are you here I am, Here I am how do you do Mommy Finger Whats your name I am called Index finger you know me Brother…

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Alicia Keys on the Grammys & Cocoa Butter

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