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Картопляні ньокки за рецептом Гордона Рамзі

Hello everyone, I am Rostislav and you are on the OpenFood channel. Today I will repeat Gordon Ramsey’s dish potato gnocchi. Gnocchi is a small potato dough product. Traditional dish Italian cuisine. First I’ll make the dough. For this I will use potatoes in uniforms. But you can also use baked or boiled. Since potatoes…

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LASAÑA DE CARNE – Lareiras.gal

Hello, today we are going to make, or I am going to do, my style lasagna. Here we have 1 kg of mixed minced beef and pork This more reddish is the veal and this is the pork A pair of leeks, a green pepper, two cans of crushed tomato More tasty is with the…

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#Bread #Potato Roll | #Bread #Bonda | Delish Cookery

Welcome to Delish cookery Let’s see how to prepare bread potato Roll Required Ingredients are Boiled Potato Green Chilly , ginger garlic and powdered groundnut Instead of groundnut you can also use Cashewnut take 4 bread slices red chilly powder, turmeric powder and oil to deep fry once the oil gets heated add garlic, green…

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Bread Omelette recipe in Bengali | Bread Omelet | Quick & Easy Sandwich | Home Made Cooking

Bread Egg with salt,onion and chilli cropped Soyabin oil Thanks for Watching

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