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The Vegan Diet: 7 Critical Nutrients Every Vegan NEEDS

A well-balanced vegan diet is known for it’s beneficial effects on your health. However, a common mistake people make when they go vegan is that they assume that they will become healthier just because they eat vegan foods. To be fair, vegan foods are in general healthier than regular foods. Though, sometimes the term healthy…

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Simple Homemade Hot Dog Buns | Recipe by Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hey guys, These soft and chewy buns are perfect for your next vegan hot dog or sub sandwich. Sure, you could buy them but homemade bread just tastes better and I swear, bread is way more magnificent form of bread and it’s just plain better. We only need four ingredients so let’s get started. In…

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How to Make Milk Bread VEGAN | Recipe by Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hey guys, Milk bread is something I use to love from Chinese Bakeries. It’s way softer than regular western bread. Every think of a slice of plain bread as a treat? I did. If it was milk bread. This recipe is thanks to a special request from a viewer so, my dear, I hope you…

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