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DIY| Natural Whipped Cocoa Butter & Coconut Oil Body Butter | Euniycemari

coconut cocoa butter and coconut oil face moisturizer so i just want to share with you guys how I make it is really simple and of course all the ingredients are natural and organic like always so we’re going to start off with some of the things that I’m going to use first first i’m…

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DIY Chamomile Body Butter with Mango and Kokum Butter

Today we’re gonna make a super calming and moisturizing body butter using exotic butters and flower infused oil. You can make this for yourself or as DIY gifts for friends and family. So let’s go ahead and get started First we’re gonna start off with the infused oil and for this we’ll need 2 cups…

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DIY Whipped Shea Butter with Lavender

Today we’re going to make a whipped lavender body butter following a method that will maintain a beautifully whipped consistency every time you use it. For this classic recipe, we’ll need 4 oz of shea butter, 1 oz of apricot oil, .5 oz of almond oil, the oil of three capsules of vitamin E, 30…

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Whipped Mango Body Butter a video tutorial by Better Shea Butter

Today we’re gonna make a super creamy and moisturizing body butter. Normally all homemade body butters are a blend of cosmetic butters and carrier oils And although there are techniques on how to make them fluffy, they all end up being pretty hard once they’ve fully settled. But this recipe will give you a soft…

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Hi Lovelies! (Snaps Fingers) Sorry Hi Lovelies! Welcome back to my Channel if you are new here, my name is Chinwe Juliet also known as Igbocurls and my Channel is all about teaching you all how to grow your hair long and healthy. Today I will be teaching you all how to make a DIY…

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DIY Whipped Body Butter 3 in 1: Body Cream, Damaged Hair Mask & Cellulite Treatment

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