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Hello everyone, its Barry here, welcome to my virgin kitchen I hope you are well I hope you are I do. When I say that I genuinely mean it. Today we are making cloud bread. Its not bread made from clouds ok its nothing to do with the cloud where that whole sort of storage…

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How To Make No Carb Cloud Bread With Just Three Ingredients

[NADIA]It’s nearly the summer and we know how to make carb-free bread [KAYE] Do we? [NADIA] Yep! [KAYE] Carb free bread? [NADIA] Carb free bread. Not only carb free, but high in protein and they’re called Cloud Buns [KAYE] You’re obsessed with clouds [NADIA] I know! You’ll be able to have for toast in the…

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How to Make CLOUD BREAD SANDWICH (Gluten-Free/Low Carb Recipe)

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