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Shuwanchal |Summer vegetable recipe from Gilgit Baltistan | Cooking mallow plant

Shuwanchal is a leafy vegetable common in Gilgit-Baltistan,It resembles watercress Shuwanchal is chopped fine for cooking It can also be roughly chopped, totally depends on your liking Add any cooking oil available, Usually this takes more oil than other vegetable dishes we make in Gilgit-Baltistan Add onion, we prefer green onion for this recipe. I…

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Sheshar | Hunza breakfast bread recipe| Hunza style Bhature

Flour, Preferably wheat flour Salt Yeast Mix dry ingredients Add oil or butter Mix it well Knead with milk or mixture of milk and water Here i have mixed half milk and half water Knead a soft dough Cover it a keep it aside till it rises Cooking oil for frying sheshar Take small portion…

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