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Massive Bloom Formation is Green Planet Nutrients Flagship Product

Hey, guys! How are you doing? We�re here at Canna Con 2016. We�re featuring two products. We�re featuring the GP3, which is our new 3 Part — very clean, affordable, super awesome, everyone is having incredible results with it. But I�m here to talk to you more about our flagship product. Our flagship product, if…

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Bud Booster- A Green Planet Nutrients Product Overview

When your flowers first appear use bud booster and continue with every feeding until flush.

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Base Nutrients

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Hydrofuel Grow and Bloom A&B – Green Planet Nutrients 2-Part Base Formula

So here, we have the two fuels. There is Grow A and Grow B. Yeah. What is the difference between these two? There is actually no difference. It actually is a two-part nutrient. Okay. You actually mix the two together. You actually mix up the A, put it in a reservoir, mix it up, and…

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Changing Hydroponics Nutrient Solution – Family Plot

Okay, Scott what do we need to do to change out the nutrients in our hydroponic system? – First off we’re gonna need to cut power to the tote and then drain off the existing nutrient solution so we can go ahead and rinse out the tote and get it ready for a fresh nutrient…

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Macro Vs Micro Nutrients – Lesson 7

So nutrients can be divided into macronutrients and micronutrients. Your macronutrients are nutrients that are required in large amounts and that’s going to include your NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium). It’s going to include calcium and magnesium and potentially sulfur. But mostly it’s your nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, and magnesium required in large amounts. This…

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Nutrient Lockout – Lesson 24

You’re mixing a nutrient solution and you add your pH adjuster and you notice a milky-white swirl appear in your reservoir. What’s going on? Sometimes when we pour a concentrated pH adjuster into our nutrient solution, as it goes into the water and is moving around in its concentrated form, it actually starts to bind…

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Easy way to change hydroponic nutrients

this is my Jamaican Hot Chocolate it’s looking way better than it did a month or so ago i’ve been changing the nutrients out on a regular basis it’s starting to get a lot of little pods forming so what I’ve been doing is i’ve got a bucket within a bucket and the internal bucket…

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Which Yields More? Synthetic Or Organic Nutrient Formula’s – Lesson 2

So, Organic VS Synthetic. Which is going to give me a bigger yield? Typical question. But, we really have to go back to understanding the factors that go into maximum yield: Number 1: Genetics. Number 2: Environment. Lights on lights off, CO2 levels, humidity levels, air movement. Number 3: the system, the grower, how it’s…

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How to Fill the Reservoir, Add Nutrients, & Test pH in Your Tower Garden®: Setup Instructions

– [Voiceover] Congratulations on assembling your new Tower Garden. Now you’re ready to add the water and nutrients so you can soon be growing your own health vegetables, fruits, and herbs. I’m here to walk you through it. So let’s get started. Your Tower Garden will hold approximately 20 gallons when filled to within three…

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