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SMOKEABLES: Wake and Bake with Pot-Infused Pancakes

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Shake N Bake Wagyu Beef with Ron Funches and Sunny Anderson: Fat Prince

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Strip Club Fried Rice in LA: Chef’s Night Out with Night + Market

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How to Make Chicken Cutlets with Frank Pinello & His Nonna

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Tripping on Hallucinogenic Frogs (Part 3/3)

HAMILTON MORRIS: Juan lights a stick on fire and gets it glowing orange. The captain does not react. He takes two more burns the same way, and then Juan begins to rub the jelly into all three wounds. [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] HAMILTON MORRIS: Does he feel anything? [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] MALE SPEAKER: He’s beginning to feel it….

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LifeRich Publishing Author Aimee Broussard Reveals how her Cross-Country Cookbook Came to Be

“I’m Aimee Broussard, editor of AimeeBroussard.com and author of ‘The Traveling Apron Cookbook.’ I thought, ‘Hmm. Why not circulate an apron across the country, an empty recipe binder, and some blank recipe cards, and see if, one, people would sign up for it, and two, what they eat in other areas of the country?’ I…

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How to Get Started as a Sugar Baby | SLUTEVER

Brook: Hi, sugar babies. Welcome to our Los Angeles “Let’s Talk Sugar” pop-up. I’m Alexis. This is Brook. We are here today to answer all of your questions about SeekingArrangement.com. How many of you guys have a SeekingArrangement profile? -Good, yes. -Ooh. I have some notebooks in your bags. If you guys want to take…

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Weed Grandma Shows Us How to 420 Braise It: BONG APPÉTIT

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The High Cost of Deporting Parents

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Cute Sugar Gliders! | The Cute Show

My name is Annette Ramos. I’m the fashion editor at Vice. And today you’re at my house because I am babysitting for my parents’ sugar gliders. I know that they’re from Australia. They’re marsupials. They are closely related to koalas. They are called sugar gliders because of their preference for nectarous foods. And they basically…

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