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चॉकलेट सैंडविच – Chocolate Sandwich | Children’s Day Special | Kids Favourite Recipe By Smita

Children’s Day is nearing… And for that occasion, We’ll make tasty Chocolate Sandwiches for our children. Here I have taken 6 Bread Slices, I’ll apply some Butter to it. We’ll now spread some Chocolate on the bread. We’ll apply a nice thick layer, since children really like Chocolate. On this Chocolate spread we’ll sprinkle some…

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Makki Ki Roti Recipe – Makki Di Roti Vegetarian Recipe

namaskar welcome to nishamadhulika.com with emergence of winters we all feel like eating makke ki roti. so today we will make makke ki roti. maize flour – 2 cups knead dough for making makke ki roti. add 1/2 tsp salt and with help of lukewarm water knead dough. add little water at a time and…

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Vegetable Cutlet Recipe

Namaskar Welcome to nishamadhulika.com Today we will prepare Vegetable Cutlets these an be prepared for breakfast on weekends, for an evening snack or any party. Ingredients required : Potatoes -4 (medium sized)/250 to 300 grams Capsicum – 1 (finely chopped) Cauliflower – 1/2 cup (finely chopped) Cabbage – 1/2 cup (finely chopped) Carrot – 1/2…

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Bread Rolls | English Substitles

1 Bowl of Boiled Potatoes 1 Bowl of Indian Snack Mixture 5-6 Regular Bread Small Bowl of Green Capsicum Small Bowl of Chopped Onions Small Bowl of Chopped Cabbage A small piece of Ginger Cooking Oil Small Bowl of Black Pepper Salt Samll Bowl of Chaat Masala Small Bowl of Chopped Green Chillies Add Boiled…

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Bread Pakora Recipe – How to Make Bread Pakora

Namaskar Welcome to nishamadhulika.com Today we will make plain bread pakoras Let’s see what all ingredients are required for making bread pakoras. Bread – 2 (for making four bread pakoras) Gram flour – 1 cup Green coriander – 2 tbsp (finely chopped) Green chilly – 2 (finely chopped) Ginger – 1 inch piece (grated) Salt…

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The best chapati / Authentic recipe from a gipsy village, Rajasthan desert / Indian flat bread, roti

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मिनटों में बनाये रस मलाई || मुंह में रखते ही घुल जाये || सिर्फ २ इंग्रेडिएंट्स से || Bread Rasmalai

Hello Friends, Welcome to the Masala Kitchen Today we will make a recipe by using bread It will be very savoury Very tasty and it will be made so quickly So what we have to is.. First all take Full Cream Milk You can take either boiled Milk Or you can take Raw Milk Keep…

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