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How To Make Sugar Rockets

In a previous project I went to the hobby store and picked up some F-class rocket motors, to try launching a rocket, made out of pool noodles. Now these motors are amazing, but the catch is they’re $17 each. So in this project let’s see if we can use powdered sugar and kitty litter, to…

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How To Make Butter At Home – Easy Experiment!

If you’re like most people, you probably use butter on a fairly regular basis. Of course there are plenty of great things you can do with butter, but in this project, we’re gonna to be making it. For this project I picked up a gallon of fresh cows milk right from the cow. I let…

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Make An Emergency Candle Out Of Butter!

Most people probably wouldn’t consider butter a flammable substance, and it’s not really. But it could be. In this project, we’re making emergency candles that will burn for hours, from a piece of toilet paper, and a stick of butter. For this project I got into my wife’s baking supplies and found this 4oz stick…

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