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What CAN you eat?! Starch and sugar free diet explained! [CC]

This is Walters head But i can’t make it move Hi, lovely people Here is something you maybe don’t know about me unless of course we have shared food in the last like 10 years in which case you will definitely know this I can’t eat starch Basically my body just doesn’t process it which…

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The BEST Healthy Apple Crisp | vegan paleo recipes

today I am sharing with you guys how to make the best healthy apple crisp you’re not even gonna know that it’s healthy your friends won’t know your family won’t know it just tastes delicious and it’s made with really good for you ingredients if you’re new don’t forget to subscribe to see lots more…

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Healthy Banana Bread With Chocolate | paleo recipe

hey everyone and welcome back to my channel today we’re going to be making some delicious super moist healthy banana bread it’s also paleo and it has a little bit of a secret ingredient twist so let’s go ahead and get into it so this is everything you are going to need here now to…

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