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Food52’s Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks: Tasting Rome vs. Taste of Persia

Hey everyone! Food52 is one of my favorite food web sites and culinary resources. Every year they hold this epic cookbook challenge called The Piglet. This year they asked me to be a judge and I was so honored, I couldn’t say no. The two books they assigned me were: Tasting Rome: Fresh Flavors and…

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How to Make Chicken Cutlets with Frank Pinello & His Nonna

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Eleven of My Favorite Italian Cookbooks

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Pasta Grannies share Rina’s recipe for orecchioni with butter & sage

Rina uses 300 grams of zero zero flour and three eggs she beats the eggs into the flour to make the dough which she needs for ten minutes then she covers it and leaves it to rest for the filling Rena uses a local cheese called romagnolo it’s like a firm cream cheese she also…

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This Rare Cheese Is Infested With Live Maggots

(mellow music) – [Narrator] On the Italian island of Sardinia, there’s a delicacy that has been consumed for thousands of years. It is known as the world’s most dangerous cheese. Yeah, you heard right. (mellow music) Meet Simone Ibba, a third generation sheep farmer. – [Narrator] Casu marzu literally means rotten cheese, and it’s not…

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II. Serra Guarneri – Nurturing Respect for Nature

Dawn is always my alarm For sure you do not know what time dawn is, I do! You must know that I get up at dawn And I’m walking around until nightfall Spring is not what it used to be I remember the months of May, when I was a kid, The fine rain, the…

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SOURDOUGH Focaccia Recipe – Italian olive oil flatbread | FERMENTED

Greetings my beautiful lovelies! Its Emmy. Welcome back to another episode of “Fermented” where I explore foods and recipes that are fermented. Today’s video is sponsored by Hello Fresh…. Get started with six free meals: that’s two free meals with each of your first three boxes. Go to Hellofresh.com and enter “Emmy 60” to receive…

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Baking Bread – Focaccia Recipe from Italy | Baking Tutorial

Focaccia – Italy’s flat bread Ingredients 400g plain flour (Type 00) 300ml lukewarm water 4g fresh yeast 10g salt a little olive oil cherry tomatoes, halved sprig of fresh rosemary Method Pour 300ml of lukewarm water into a large mixing bowl and sprinkle the fresh yeast over the top. Add flour and salt, and knead…

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Aubergine Parmigiana (Eggplant) | Jamie Oliver | #MyFoodMemories | AD

Hi guys, Jamie here. I hope you’re really really well. So me and the Hotpoint gang, we’ve come together to bring out and celebrate some of your most loved and cherished food memories! And I’ve picked out some of my very very best, but if you want to get involved in the competition go to…

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BAKING | Honey Whole Wheat Bread with seeds: easy & healthy bread recipe!

Hi guys I am back one of my new year’s resolutions was to upload one video a week, and we all see how that went… So this is my first video of 2018 I don’t have many plans for my channel just because it’s so small, basically only friends and family watch it but I…

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