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간단하게 낙지볶음8인분에 버터구이전복 50마리 볶음밥 먹방 Korean mukbang eating show

Hello everyone For today’s mukbang, I have 2 Large Stir-Fried Webfoot Octopus 50 counts of Abalone I have abalone intestines here It grilled with butter The total came out to be 385,000 won (~$324 USD) It’s a restaurant I filmed for “Live Show Today” I believe the place was called “Dae Mool Lim” I to-go’d…

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CREEPY GOBLINS & BUTTER BEER! Harry Potter Universal Studios Orlando

Is he mean? Is he gonna say something mean? Addie’s plugging her ears Oh, look, it’s the Griffin, or the Hippogrif Oh my Don’t be scared Addie Ooh it moves You going down there go down there Addie, we want to see what’s down there What is this one called Flight of the Hippogriff which…

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Is Butter Good For You

Real Butter Is Good For You I lost 94 pounds… Let’s talk… MMMMMM Butter mmmm It’s Red Stick Butter, I call it. From your local Walley World Look at it it’s a GOOD FAT I don’t think it’s organic but I know it’s cheap It’s the salted one Red Stick Blue Stick is UNsalted I’ve…

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Progress in the Kitchen

gonna let the geese out here that oh they’re ready so squirrel trails rabbit trails I don’t know what do you think today I get to babysit can be in my video don’t see happen okay I get the little guy he’s watching his sister go out to play yeah what do you think you…

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사테이크 (사슴잡아 스테이크)

XX, this is the end! There it is! I don’t know. Right there! Where! Can you see him? Deer Caller: The sound of an artificial flute imitating a deer’s cry. Hello, everyone! This is Gloria! All right, everybody! The ingredient that I prepared today is. DEER Meat (Whitetail Buck) Here! Let me introduce simply! Ingredients~…

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We’ve decided to update our handmade tandoor to find out if we’re able to cook the whole lamb here. Probably we’ll need a lot of firewood We’ve got a young lamb here It’s fat-tailed and weighs not more than 10 kg I’m gonna marinate it in homemade cream and salt Bee’s here Yep, let me…

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Let’s bake laskiaispullat with Kirikou and Nanook

Should we make an exclamation mark at the end? This is A Kind of Adventurous Life. Hi! My name is Kirikou and this is my favourite brother Nanook. Today we make “laskiaispulla”. Laskiaispulla is a traditional Finnish pastry – eaten during Laskiainen, or the Shrove Tuesday. And this is the recipe. May I have the…

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I Created The Perfect Golden Syrup Substitute!

Hi Bold Bakers, when I launched my cookbook this year I got a lot of requests from you asking how to make a golden syrup. I use this a lot in my book and it’s a key ingredient in Irish baking. It’s very similar to a corn syrup, it’s thick, it’s amber in color it’s…

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Valentine’s day at home to make honey, butter, fried chicken wings, with chips

Hello, it’s Valentine’s day. Then I won’t cook today. I’m going to make one today that sounds delicious. Honey butter a chicken wing. I’ll finish all the wings at home. Then I wish you all a happy Valentine’s day. All the wings of the family are here. All the wings of the family are here….

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Woman Who “Desperately Needs Help In The Kitchen” Shocks Husband After Secret Cooking Lesson

(upbeat music playing) So, as I understand, and you gotta clear this up for me. Your husband, Dave, thinks he’s here to be interviewed for the Rachel Ray show, is that correct? Yes. So your husband has no idea, you’re here to learn how to cook? He has no idea. I came here early. He…

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