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Julia Butters Had “Professional” Talks With Leonardo DiCaprio | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Julia Butters is joining me now. She stars in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” Incredible scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio. So nice to see you. -So nice to see you, too. -You look wonderful. I know you posted. This is Christian Siriano. Is that right? -On, my gosh, my idol. -I was gonna say. You…

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Young Hollywood: Maxwell Jenkins, JD McCrary, Julia Butters & More Play Fishing for Answers | THR

– Oh, okay, ready? – Fishbowl. – Why do I get so nervous? – Okay, yeah, you wanna– – Wait, are we saying our names? – Hey, we’re from the Young Hollywood issue! – Today we’ll be fishing for compliments. Oh my god. Fishing for answers! – Let’s get to it! (upbeat rock music) –…

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