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The Try Guys EXTREME Tie-Dye Challenge

(hedge trimmer whirring) – How’s the sound? – [All] Hi, we’re the Tie Guys! – I’m Ty. – I’m Tye with an E. – [Ned] I’m Rye Rye the Tie Dye. – And I’m Shy Guy, the Tie Dye Guy. (laughing) – [Keith] Making Tie Dye – [All] They’ll try it. ♪ The Tie Dyes…

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Large Family Thrift Store Haul: $3 Bread Machine, Name Brand Kids Clothing, + More!

– Hey friends, I just hit the thrift store the other day, and I had a fantastic haul. I have not been able to hit the thrift store and have a good haul there in recent months, and I thought I would share with you guys everything I picked up, it was so good. I…

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