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How to Make Fairy Bread | xoxo cooks

– Today, we’re making a special Australian treat. Stick around. (Lana laughs) (light keyboard music) Hello, I’m Adrienne and this is xoxo cooks, the weekly cooking show where we make recipes that make you feel great. Today, I have a special guest, Lana. – Hello. – So, we’re gonna make a famous Australian delicacy today….

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Aloo Bread Roll in HINDI | Easy Bread Roll Recipe | How to Make Aloo Bread Roll in Hindi

Hello Friends, welcome to Nehas Cookhouse today we are going to make Aloo Bread Roll aloo bread roll is one of the most common and loved snacks made in Indian kitchens this simple and super delicious snack is made by deep frying bread filled with spicy potato masala mixture but you can add other ingredients…

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Garlic bread recipe | Easy snacks recipe | English subtitles available

Hello friends Welcome to Swadisht kitchen Me Sujata will teach you how to make Garlic bread It’s ingredients are: 1 french bread loaf 50 gm butter 1 tbsp finely chopped garlic 1 small onion finely chopped 2 finely chopped green chillies Red, Green and Yellow capsicum 2 tbsp each salt to taste For cutting the…

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