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Japanese Baked Kitkats

So what you’re saying is JAPANESE KIT KAT BAKEOFF! [music] KIT KAT KIT KAT KIT KAT KIT KAT! This time it’s not poisoned Kit Kat OH HO! Amber! I came across this and I was like…Simon and Martina Wasabi flavoured Kit Kats! Have you tried these before? No I actually haven’t These are Japanese Kit…

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The Spherificator – turn anything into edible pearls!?

– Ah, what the heck am I doing? (majestic music) I am feeling better. Wow! I’m feeling better. Hello, guys. Welcome to the last video of the year. This is the Spherificator. This makes all of your edible pearl dreams come true. So on the last video, I kinda teased the idea that I wanted,…

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