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How To Make Butter Chicken At Home | Restaurant Style Recipe | Curry Leaves – Roshan Varghese

Welcome everyone! I’ll be preparing the well known butter chicken today Lets see what ingredients are needed for the dish Let’s marinate the chicken first We have two tablespoons of oil here Add yogurt to the oil Add Tandoori masala next Add salt as needed Add a small amount of vinegar Mix this well using…

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How To Bake Potatoes in a Bundt Pan by Saving Dinner’s Leanne Ely

Yes indeed, I have the magical bundt pan out again. This is my pretty one, you notice there’s hearts on the bottom. Actually this is just that the heaviest one that I have. What we’re going to do with the bundt pan this time, is we’re going to roast potatoes in them, just make plain…

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One of The Best Egg Recipes in The World, Menemen!

Hi everyone, this is Refika and today I would like to cook with you one of the best egg recipes that I know in my life and it’s called menemen. Before we start I would like to remind you to subscribe to our channel, we have prepared incredible, very good contents that you love. There…

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Hey guys it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today I am dressed like Merida from the Movie Brave ! I got so many request from you guys to do something Brave themed And I was thinking -HHmmmmm- while watching the movie I saw that she and her brothers and all of her family were…

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How to Make Healthy Zucchini Bread | Low Sugar and Low Fat

– You’re coming? (light techno music) – I’m just here. – Are you ready? – Yeah, I am. – You aint gonna hug me? – Yeah. – Hi, guys, welcome to ifoodreal. – Yes, welcome. – (laughs) Where we make healthy dinner delicious. And today for dinner is healthy zucchini bread. Because it’s zucchini season…

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How to shape and fill thumbprint cookies

We are talking about Earl Gray thumbprint cookies, one of my favorites. These come together like a pretty regular cookie. The one main difference in them is that they were using Earl Grey tea so we’ve taken that out of the tea bag chopped it all up and mixed that into our cookie dough mixture….

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#046 いんげん豆とひよこ豆のオーブン焼き〜Oven roasted dish with green beans and chickpeas 〜

Today’s dish is an oven roasted dish with green beans and chickpeas, which is perfect for a large party Chop up a bacon roughly and fry it up until it becomes crispy And add garlic, onion, chickpeas, and green beans, fry them all up and boil it down after adding red wine and whole tomatoes…

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घरमै सजिलै बनाउनुहोस् वटर चिकन (Butter Chicken) Recipe in Nepali [ENG Subtitles]

Hello everyone, Namaste and welcome to Himalaya kitchen Today I am making butter chicken for you Today I am showing you how to make butter chicken easily at home For this, I have taken a bowl here I am putting in the 200 gram boneless chicken You can take chicken with bone too Adding a…

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How to build a platter

This is one of my passions actually. I love building platters and make them look beautiful. Different sizes, shapes, cuts and meats. I’m going to talk about size now. We’re portion sizing, so this particular platter here if you have a look at it would roughly be great for around eight to ten people. Perfect,…

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Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe – Cooking with Bosch

Valentine’s Day Special: Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting Part 1 Red Velvet Cupcakes Preheat the Oven 4D Hot Air Mode 180˚ Cut and peel Beetroot 200g Boil Beetroot until cooked and soft Blend with MultiTalent Food Processor Sieve Cake Flour 170g Tip: Cake flour has lower protein content than all-purpose flour, producing lighter…

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