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BAKED | S01E01 – “Where the F*** Is My Pizza?”

So you’re the one Gulaab was talking about How’s my brother doing these days? Hope he’s alright Yes… He’s absolutely fine Would you like some tea? No sir… No thank you Mr. Maheep Singh you have a 2 O’clock with Mr. R.V. Tulli please don’t forget Yes… Of course madam Haris can I be frank…

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BAKED | S01E03 – “We Don’t Deliver In 30 Minutes”

How did I do? Crap! Shit! Any chance? Only if the rest of the team loose their limbs in a freak accident Oh! Hi Nihal How are you man? I’m alright Do you guys want to sleep with your mom? No man Nihal Do you? Yes What the fuck Nihal! Have you told your mom…

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BAKED | S01E02 – “Trust Me, Just Trust Me”

Bro! Body better watch out That’s Tiwari sister He’ll create a scene man Tiwari, how’s it going? So, basically the law of diminishing marginal utility dictates that at the third stage, the slope will become negative So, for all you dumbfucks who don’t understand it in plain English Here is an illustration to make it…

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