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Kimchi made with chayote (Chayote kkakdugi: 차이오티 깍두기)

(Bright mariachi music) (waves crashing) – Hi everybody, I am in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. It’s a nice beach area. Today I’m going to show you how to make kimchi made with chayote. Have you ever seen chayote? This is a kind of fruit, it belongs to the gourd family. It takes like squash, summer squash….

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How to make Korean Corn Cheese / Butter Corn / Korean Food Recipe / 콘치즈 만들기 / 버터콘 레시피 / 모짜렐라치즈

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Galbi-jjim (Braised beef short ribs) 갈비찜

(knife tapping) (upbeat music) – Hi, everybody! How are you doing these days? Today, I’m going to show you how to make galbi-jjim, braised beef short ribs. I always say that, “Oh, this is a very easy recipe,” but today’s not very easy but if you learn about this recipe, you will be really showing…

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이렇게 하면 불고기 안 맛있게 만드는 것이 더 어려움:불고기 황금레시피: 그대로 따라해 보세요-Bulgogi -Korean Cooking-Easy Cooking

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Easy japchae, Korean stir-fried noodles and vegetables (잡채)

(upbeat music) – Hi, everybody. Today, I’m going to show you how to make easy japchae. You know japchae, the word? Of course, japchae is stir-fried vegetables and meat and starch noodles. You guys have been making japchae for a long time. I’ve already posted this recipe. But this easy japchae recipe is one of…

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My new cookbook is coming!

Hi everybody, my new book is coming this year in October. Yay! (laughs) For more than two years I’ve been working on this cookbook every day and night! I had to do this! Now all my fruit, all my recipes are coming! This book is very huge, much bigger than my first cookbook 150 recipes…

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Korean honey butter fried chicken (허니버터치킨)

– Hello, everybody! Today, we are going to make honey butter chicken. In Korean, ha nee beoteo chikin! The same. In my last video, I showed you how to cut up a whole chicken, around a chicken weighs four pounds. I cut it up, and then made two packages. One package, in one plastic bag,…

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Oxtail Soup (Sokkoritang: 소꼬리탕): Spicy and Non Spicy Versions

Hi everybody! Do you like oxtail? I mean, as a food. (laughs) Today I’m going to show you how to make Korean-style oxtail soup. In Korean it’s called sokkoritang. “Kkori” is tail, ox is “so.” (laughs) This is one of my cookbook recipes. My new cookbook. See? If you have my cookbook Check out page…

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Fried Tofu Stuffed with Rice (Yubuchobap: 유부초밥)

Hi everybody! How are you doing these days? Weather is getting warmer and warmer. These days are good for picnic, aren’t they? I went to Central Park the other day and I made my lunchbox. But at the time I was so busy. “Oh, what should I do? What can I make? So I made…

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Crispy Seaweed Noodle Rolls (Gimmari: 김말이)

(knife chopping) (bright music) – Hi, everybody! Today, let’s make some delicious Korean snack. It’s called gimmari. Crispy seaweed noodle rolls. Gimmari is sold in Korean grocery stores. You can it find in frozen section. They have a different brand names, but all have a similar taste and a similar way of cooking. Today, we…

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