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Super Sugar Crisp

[MUSIC] Sugar Bear here with big vitamin news. Sugar Crips has now added so many vitamins Post changed the name to Super Sugar Crisp. And a handsome one on the box. These Super Sugar Crisp gives your kids essential vitamins. All they need for breakfast. Bowl of them, sweetheart! [MUSIC] Look at those kids bouncing,…

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Learn to talk about sugar in 6 minutes

Rob: I’m Rob. Welcome to 6 Minute English – we’ve got a sweet topic today, and six tempting items of vocabulary. Neil: Hello, I’m Neil. And we’re going to be talking about sugar – which many of us find tempting. But how much is too much, Rob? Rob: I don’t know, Neil, but hopefully we’ll…

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Steven Pinker: Human nature and the blank slate

A year ago, I spoke to you about a book that I was just in the process of completing, that has come out in the interim, and I would like to talk to you today about some of the controversies that that book inspired. The book is called “The Blank Slate,” based on the popular…

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طريقة مضمونة لتحضير الخبز بالحليب 100%/شيف احمد Soft Bread Recipe

Ingredients in the English language below Subscribe To My English Channel,Link Below The Video

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Wanda Sykes on Her Kids Speaking French

– Nice to see you, too. – Did you have a good holiday? – I did, I did. We went to, uh– It was the…French people year. [laughter] – You went with– – So, you know–you know my wife is French, so– – Yes. – So we went over to France this year to visit…

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Trying the Fattiest Pastry in Europe

– [Narrator] The kouign-amann is a specialty of Northern France. Derived from the Breton words for butter and cake, the ratio for this pastry is special. It’s buttery. In fact, it’s 30 percent butter and 30 percent sugar. (mellow, playful music) Welcome to Douarnenez, a city with a population of around 15,000; this small coastal…

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Weekly French Words with Lya – Food

So welcome back to French weekly words and this week will be about food. Yeah! my favorite thing, food. I love food. First one is: Bœuf. Beef. Beef is yummy. Le bœuf c’est bon. Du bœuf Bourguignon. Bourguignon beef. I’m not sure how to pronounce it in English, but it’s a famous French dish with…

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Ecom’s Monthly French Videocast – April – April Fools / French Bread and Desserts

Hi! Welcome to the monthly Ecom videocast. Now is April. How are you doing? In France during the month of April, people enjoy going to small cafes and having a drink with their friends, do a little people-watching. The weather starts to get nice, so people like to relax. There’s a big tradition in France….

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