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How to Make a Butter Sculpture

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How To Tail Butter 180 On A Snowboard (Regular)

Hi this SnowboardAddiction.com riding with Nev Lapwood and Dan Gerstner. Buttering on a snowboard & flat land tricks refer to playing around on your board while flexing and holding positions over the nose and tail. It gives you stuff to do when riding flat or boring terrain, or if there is no terrain park available….

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How to Make Your Own Butter

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How To Spin 360 Flatland Butter’s On A Snowboard (Regular)

Spinning on the ground The next flatland trick to learn and practice is spinning 360s on a gentle slope while moving. This is also really good for your switch riding. Start by sliding a gentle backside 180, then carry it on in the same direction with a switch frontside 180. Pay attention to which edge…

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How To MFM Butter On A Snowboard (Regular)

Prerequisite techniques The MFM is a combination of a nollie frontside 180 and the Tail butter frontside 180. We have a whole tutorial on the Tail butter 180s so make sure you’ve watched and learnt that first. Static Board Off The easiest way to get your head around this trick is to start by jumping…

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How to Dress Up Ramen Noodles with Peanut Butter

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