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1796 Honey Gingerbread 18th century cooking with Jas Townsend and Son S5E16

Today we’re making a wonderful honey cake. Thanks for joining us today on 18th Century cooking with James Townsend and Son. This honey cake recipe is from Amelia Simmons’ 1796 cookbook, American Cookery. It is probably what we would think of as gingerbread today. It is sweetened with honey like many of the early gingerbread…

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How to Make a Sourdough Starter Recipe (Levain) // FOOL PROOF PROCEDURES

– What’s up you guys? Chef Billy Parisi here from BillyParisi.com and I’m going to show you one of the fundamentals of bread baking. And it’s how to make a sourdough starter or yeast starter recipe. That’s right, I’m sitting down for this recipe video and the next four because I’m getting ready to embark…

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