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Mmmmm! We built this boiler from scratch with left over metal. It’s made from a broken stove and some chimney pipe. Off to the sugar shack! We’ll need to make it flat so it doesn’t tip over. Time to collect our maple water. Maple trees will flow anytime it’s above freezing. A spiel is driven…

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What Is The Healthiest Sugar Option? | You Versus Food | Well+Good

– I can eat sugar with either hand. I’m ambidextrose. (upbeat music) Hi, I’m Tracy Lockwood Beckerman. I’m a registered dietitian in New York City, and it’s my job to help you figure out what to eat, and why. Today we’re talking about a sweet topic in the food world, sugar. Treats are everywhere, tempting…

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7 Natural Sweeteners That Are Much Better For You Than Sugar

Are you someone with a sweet too th who cannot resist that large chocolate doughnut in front of you? In today’s fast paced times, sugar has become an integral part of our diet. We can consume a lot of sugar without even being aware, even something as simple as drinking a can of soda or…

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Apple Pie French Toast Bake

Hi, my name is Teresa and today I’m going to show you a twist on traditional French Toast. I add Ontario apples and maple syrup. So let’s get started. Spray a 9 x 13 glass baking dish with a vegetable spray. And I have ten cups of cubed egg bread and I’m going to layer…

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How To Make Authentic Canadian Maple Butter ~ Phoenix Flavors Episode 6

Sacha Banchet: [Bonjour tout le monde 00:00:00]. Sacha’s Mom: [Bonjour 00:00:02]. Sacha Banchet: Hi, it’s Sacha Blanchet and I’m today I’m with my mother. She’s actually visiting us and I thought it would be kind of fun to show you how we cook here. You know, I love cooking and this is one of my…

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Making Maple Candy | Où se trouve: Garland Sugar Shack

Hi everyone, we’re back here today at Garland Sugar Shack. My name is Ivan Garland, beside me is my son James. You might remember us from a previous video we’ve done in the past with Stereokroma on how to make maple syrup. We demonstrated from start to finish, from tapping to bottling. Today, we’re going…

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How to make vegan Peanut Butter Cups! Stump Kitchen 4

[siren wailing] Hello! Welcome to Stump Kitchen! There’s a siren! They’re coming for me! [laughter] [music] STUMP KITCHEN STUMP KITCHEN GLUTEN-FREE VEGAN EATS AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! Hello! Welcome to Stump Kitchen! I’m so excited because today my friend Allyson Reigh, also singer-songwriter, is here to cook with us. What are we gonna make today? [Allyson]…

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Where Does Sugar Come From? | Science for Kids

Do you like to eat a sweet treat every now and then? I know I do, and lot of us enjoy a cookie or a piece of candy when it’s time for a special goodie. And what’s a birthday without a cake? But as much as we might like special snacks like these, we know…

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Maple Butter ☆ メープルバターの作り方

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Why All Canadians Love Sugar Shacks — Dining on a Dime

– [Lucas] Hello! – [Pierre] Hello! – [Lucas] Pierre. – [Pierre] How are you? – [Lucas] Lucas. – Lucas, pleased to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Welcome to my maple forest, Lucas. – Thank you very much. – Where all those beautiful maple trees are. – These are maple trees? – Yes,…

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