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Techniques & Art of Professional Bread Baking

File Name : Techniques & Art of Professional Bread Baking Length : 3.31 minutes Male Speakers : Male 1 : Sim Cass Date : October 08, 2015 [00:00:00] [Audio Begins] [background music] Male 1 : Do you love the smell of hot bread coming out of your kitchen? Find nothing more delicious than butter melting…

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Master Baker Reviews Free Restaurant Bread

– I mean you can’t call that a baguette, really, or you would be jailed in France. (playful guitar strumming) My name is Gus Reckel. I’m the owner of L’imprimerie. Being French, I’ve been baking my entire life. Today, we’re gonna taste some free bread from restaurants all over America. I’m very excited. (lightly playful…

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