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Sweet Paratha (Grilled Flatbread) Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making sweet paratha. This is a whole wheat flat bread filled with nuts, sugar and cinnamon. This enjoyable paratha is a great option for breakfast or serve anytime as a snack with tea or coffee. This recipe will make 4 parathas. To make the paratha, first to make dough we will…

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Bread Halwa in Telugu |#BreadRecipes #Instant #Sweet Recipe by Attamma TV 🔵

Bread Halwa or Double ka meetha Ingredients Bread slices -5 Boiled and cooled milk – 200 ml Ghee – 100 grams Sugar – 100 grams ( 1 cup) Cashew nuts and Almonds – 10 to 15 numbers Green cardamoms – 3 Method Cut the bread slices in to 4 pieces if you want you can…

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Shahi Toast (Bread Pudding) Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making shahi toast. An eggless pudding. Toasted bread served with creamy milk known as malai. This is a delicious and easy recipe to make. Shahi toast usually served for breakfast also can be served as dessert. This recipe will serve 2. To make shahi toast we will need: 2 cups of…

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