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How Jungsik’s Executive Pastry Chef Makes a Black Truffle Dessert — Sugar Coated

(upbeat music) – I want to make something sexy. Can I say that? Can I say that? So if it’s not good let me know. – Today we’re at two Michelin star Jungsik and we’re going to hang out with chef Eunji and she’s gonna show us the whole process of her famous dessert the…

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Chef Thomas Keller Cookbook Signing at the National Restaurant Association Show 2019

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Tasting Brittany’s Iconic Seaweed Butter

– [Narrator] This is a story about butter that you never knew you always wanted. Hopefully. (upbeat music) We begin before the appetizers arrive when the bread comes with the butter. But this butter, this is the star of the meal. It can be found in a town in France called Saint-Malo from a family…

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