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Gee it’s Ghee!

Homemade Ghee 1 pound butter (4 sticks) Melt over medium heat Once boiling lower to a simmer 10 minutes 15 minutes Remove from heat cheese cloth Let it cool

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Butter Chicken Restaurant Recipe | Chicken Makhni | Street Food of Karachi Pakistan

Butter Chicken Restaurant Recipe Add Chicken 500 gram Deep fry for 5 minute on medium flame Add Salt half table spoon After 5 minutes remove excess Cooking Oil Ginger and garlic paste 1 table spoon Green chilli small 4 to 5 Medium green chili 2 to 3 Medium size 3 to 4 tomatoes Add Water…

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How to make Cheese Garlic Bread🧀 Honey Butter Soft Milk Bread🧈🧄🍞Soft Bread!

Dough ingredients: bread flour 200g, all purpose flour 100g, whole milk 200g, dry yeast red 7g, salt 5g, sugar 20g, garlic powder 5g, unsalted butter 30g Other ingredients: Mozarella cheese, honey, butter, parmesan cheese, dried parsley dry yeast & lukewarm milk all of the ingredients for dough except for butter mix lightly for 3-4 minutes…

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Пшеничный цельнозерновой заварной хлеб

100% wholemeal wheat bread with scald recipe for 1000g flour Scald wholemeal wheat flour 200g boiled water 450g add water in several steps and stir well add diastatic malt 20g and stir again fermentation 3 h. at 65°C cool down the scald to 33°C and add 20g of CLAS what is CLAS, look in the…

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Classic Pound Cake Recipe: Eggs, Butter, Flour and Sugar [How Do You Do]

How Do You Do Pound Cake 1 pound butter (4 sticks) 1 pound sugar (3 3/4 cups) Add slowly Mix high 7-8 minutes Scrape sides occasionally 1 pound eggs (8 large) Add one at a time Mix on low Slowly add 1 pound flour (3 1/3 cups) 2 teaspoons vanilla extract Mix low 10 seconds…

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정성 가득♥ 홈메이드 소보로 완두빵 만들기 Soboro(Streusel) Pea Bread そぼろパン[키요쿡 kiyocook]

Mix until no white flour is visible. 10 minutes by hand dough Knead 5-10 minutes more. If the dough is stretched Make the surface smooth 1 hour fermentation in warm place 45g x 8 pieces Fermentation complete if hole marks do not retract 8 pieces Rounding 15 minutes room temperature fermentation. Make soboro (Streusel) Butter…

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Smoked Turkey Recipe- Butter Creole injected, Brown Sugar Rub How To Recipe 09.2016| BBQ Love

Smoked Turkey Butter Creole InjectedBrown Sugar Rub 09.16 BBQLove.net 12.39 lbs turkey (198.24oz) rest at room temp for

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Air Fryer Baked Potato | Air Fryer Recipes

Today I’m going to show you how to do baked potatoes in the air fryer. You can microwave these of course. It’s a lot faster that way but you’re not going to get that crispy skin and I, I believe that it tastes a lot better being baked versus zapping them in the microwave. Let’s…

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How to make super creamy Pumpkin Seed Butter

Roast at 160°C/320°F for 16-18 minutes 🙂

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SUB) 무반죽 치아바타 만들기 : No kneading Ciabatta [우미스베이킹:그녀의베이킹]

288g water , 2g dry yeast 38g olive oil 385g bread flour, 7g salt 45 minutes 30 minutes wet your hands 30 minutes 40 minutes canvas 30 minutes 430F 18min

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