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Sharing and Accountability | 🍞…Breadcrumbs with Tyler Harris

See sharing and investing is really about responsibility and accountability. See when I share something with you I become responsible for what I say. And by sharing something with you sharing part of my life or sharing some knowledge that I have or sharing a friend that I have sharing like I become responsible to…

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Mighty Man | 🍞…Breadcrumbs with Tyler Harris

Gideon’s story opens up and Gideon is sneaking through caves sneaking from here to there and it says that an angel of the Lord came to see him. And when the angel of the Lord showed up do you know what he said? He said hail which is a sign of great respect that you…

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Bread Crumbs Episode 62

the majority of people out there that gaps way wider like the stuff that they’re spending time on the stuff that they’re spending time on the gap is like you’re just wasting your time well the problem is they don’t know their Worth and if you don’t know your Worth other people determine it for…

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Who Grows the Fastest? | Mahatria on Growth

One program for entrepreneurs, celebrated an Entrepreneurship Day. One year, long time back it happened, and I celebrated Entrepreneurship Day by inviting hundred and eleven entrepreneurs there. And to all these guys, who have already seen life. They have coaches, they have consultants, they have read books. They’ve gone to the best of the universities…

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The Three Letters That Changed My Life – ALS : Monica Ghimire (Delivery Manager, CloudFactory)

So I was with my friends one day, we had a gathering at my home. As the conversations were going on one of my friends suddenly asked me, “By the way, was your dad drunk the other day in the morning? My dad saw him”. I was shocked. Who would feel happy to hear such…

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7 Life Changing Healthy Habits to Start TODAY!

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NEFFEX – When Everything is Gone (Best of Me the Collection OUT NOW!) [Copyright Free]

Yeah Let’s get it It’s you against the world Better figure out fast Who the hell you can trust If you wanna make it past All the fakes and the lust better figure out fast Nah This ain’t what you want You don’t want it that bad Can you give up all your stuff? Pay…

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Alan Michael Sugar Top 10 Rules For Success (@Lord_Sugar)

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Sugar Free Gummy Bears Recipe (low carb & keto friendly)

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