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Kokum Butter | Perfect for Soaps + Body Butters | Non-Comedogenic + Great for Dry Skin

Our Kokum Butter is native to the Kokum Tree It has a mild to non-existent scent and a white or off-white color to it. It is considered to be a completely vegan product. Kokum is a hard butter that is a great addition to DIYs like soaps, lotion bars and body butters. It is normal…

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Why Sugar Ages You

Welcome back. I know Cara said no more follow up videos on this sugar thing. And.. But I got to make one more. We talked about how when she ate too many desserts in Germany made her age and she looked older, and she didn’t feel good and all that. And then she did went…

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Fantastic Provence – Shea Butter: The Gold of Burkina Faso’s Women | L’Occitane

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40 Years of True Stories: Shea Butter | L’Occitane

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