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Making Maple Syrup | Où se trouve: Garland Sugar Shack

Hi, my name is Ivan Garland. Beside me is my son James. We’re here today at Garland Sugar Shack to demonstrate how maple syrup is made! Maple syrup has been a childhood dream — an adventure for me, especially. I started making maple syrup when I was 13 years old, and it grew apart of…

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We Quit Sugar for 30 Days! Here’s What Happened

– Hi, my name is Zena. I am a complete sugar addict. But for the next 30 days, I will be eliminating it from my diet. (pop music) So the rules for our challenge admittedly are pretty tough. I’m making it real challenge, guys. – Does coconut sugar count? Does monk fruit cut? Xylitol? –…

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Why palm sugar best substitute for sugar!

Hi everyone! And Welcome or welcome back to our Channel! Palm sugar is one of the healthiest alternatives for white and brown sugar. This sugar it’s used as a traditional sweetener for centuries in Southeast Asia. Currently, this sugar has become very popular in Western countries as well. Since palm sugar is an unrefined sugar,…

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The Effects of Natural Sugar vs. Refined Sugar in the Body

I want to know if consuming lots of natural sugars in fruit and natural sweetener like honey and maple syrup has the same effect as refined sugar on the body. So, I have to answer this in two parts. Just to be honest, things like maple syrup and honey, they do act very similar to…

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Added Sugars vs. Naturally Occurring Sugars

Choices. We make them every day. Should I wake up or go back to sleep? Should I go to work or call in sick? Should I choose foods with added sugars or naturally occurring sugars? Some of these decisions are harder to make than others, but having the facts can help me your decision easier….

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Top 8 Natural Sweeteners and Sugar Alternatives

The American Heart Association has recommended in their heart-healthy guidelines that you should not consume more than 100 to 150 calories from added sugars. Added sugars are considered the sugar and syrups that are added to food either during processing or preparation. Sugar affects each and every part of your body, from head to toe….

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What Happens To Your Body When You Cut Out Sugar

In 1822, the average American consumed about 45 grams of sugar every five days, which is the amount that’s found in just one modern-day soft drink.Today that number has climbed all the way to 765 grams every five days. We’re now consuming the amount of sugar in seven hours that our forefathers consumed in a…

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5 Healthy Sugar Alternatives

sugar is everywhere and if you’re trying to be healthy and cut back on your sugar intake it can be quite tricky not only is there sugar in a lot of foods that we normally consume in a day but there’s added sugars and natural sugars you need to watch out for on top of…

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CRAZY Sugar Comparisons! There’s HOW much sugar in that!?

(contemporary music) – Hey Munchies! Welcome if you’re new, I’m Alyssia. I have talked about sugar and how sneaky it can be in the past and today I’m going to expand on that and give you some visual comparisons to really shift our perspective about how much sugar is in some of the foods that…

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